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You have made the decision to sell your property and (possibly) to move. A big, exciting step! The KnoQue team will be happy to assist you in this process. They go through all the steps of the removal and/or sales process and let creativity and experience speak for themselves. Curious about our unique sales formula?  Call (+31(0)117 420688) or mail us!

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The employees of KnoQue are of course the first to be informed about new opportunities (offer!) in the heart of Knokke and the surrounding area. You can make your wishes and criteria known, so that you are aware of new offers, price reductions, open house, etc.&l


With the name KnoQue we indicate even better that we are at home in Knokke. That we know the market in and around Knokke and bring together supply and demand successfully like no other. We take the rental of your warehouse, apartment with sea view, etc. gladly out of your hands.

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A good appreciation is ... valuable. KnoQue is happy to share her experience here, but also the diplomas and certificates that are the result of targeted studies. A qualitative valuation is the basis of your purchase or sale.

Knokke. Those who want to live there want the best. Take advantage of the experience of KnoQue. And the fighting spirit to achieve the best result for you.

What makes the Q of KnoQue so special?

KnoQue | Exclusive Properties is committed to delivering "Quality" and a "UniQue" concept in its services and its real estate offering.
With offers and an office on both the Dutch and Belgian sides of the border, as well as studies and certificates obtained in order to be able to provide our services in both countries. KnoQue reaches as far as the Belgian and Dutch hinterland and reaches the right target group. An exclusive service provided from 't Zoute. A unique opportunity for sellers & landlords and a first step to sales success with a shop window that brings your property to the attention of anyone visiting the Zoute. Another example of the Q that KnoQue offers.